A Secret Way to Get Cheap Dental Care Without a Dental Plan

I had been looking for a good dental insurance policy or discount dental plan when a friend of mine who was a dental assistant told me about another way I could get cheap dental work done.  In fact, in some places you can even get some dental procedures done for free and you will get expert care the whole time.

These places are called dental schools and they are scattered across the country.  So how can they offer you some of the cheapest dental care anywhere?  Well these schools are training students who hope to be successful dentists someday.  But you can only learn so much in text books and there comes a time when you need to practice on a real human being.  So by subjecting yourself to these students for the sake of their education you save a lot of money.

You may be thinking that you would get bad dental treatment this way, but the exact opposite is true. These students have expert supervision and many of them are very smart. They really want to get a good grade so they make sure that everything they do on your teeth is done well so they can impress their teacher. This works out great for you as well. Some of the nicest people I have met are students that work in these dental schools, and I have gotten some very good dental treatment that did not cost me a dime from these schools.

The only disadvantage to getting dental work done this way is time. It will take some patience on your part as the students working on you are learning and may not be the fastest in the world. Just make sure you have plenty of time and enjoy the free ride.  You can often get free dental cleanings from these schools so you may want to check your area.