What to Do When Your Child Care Center is Surrounded by Competition

In my child care consulting practice, I am seeing more and more centers with increasing levels of competition. Whether from in-home daycares or new centers that were built recently, more centers are competing for fewer new clients. This can be a problem because the new competition tends to drive down the price customers will pay, drive up costs, and overwhelm new parents.

However, you do not have to roll over and give in. With the right strategies, you can beat the other child care centers in your market. The greatest tool for doing this is a strong marketing program that clearly states how you are UNIQUE and different than your competitors. Can you honestly say that your marketing answers this all-important question:

“Why should I choose to enroll my child at your center rather than any other child care center in town?”

Average marketing will only get you average results. To be highly successful, you need to use a marketing plan that enables you to stand out. Effective marketing will:

  • Make sure your center’s name comes up when parents are looking for child care.
  • Enter the conversation already going on in parent’s heads.
  • Make the competition a non-issue.
  • Return to you $2, $5, $10 or more dollars for every dollar you spend on marketing.
  • Allow you to charge higher rates than average.
  • Have a system that allows you to fill vacancies at will.
  • Provide better care for the kids under your care.
  • Have a waiting list of parents.
  • Hire the best staff.
  • And best of all, improve your profitability (or financial health if you’re a non-profit).

As you can see, great marketing is important regardless of your situation, whether you are surrounded by competition or not. An effective marketing plan simply has too much to offer.